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I’m excited and looking forward to help you make your first steps into yoga a fun and enriching experience. I started yoga in 2007 when I was working for international companies around the world. My workdays were often 16 hours long, I did not sleep very well, felt very stresses pretty much all the time. On top of that, having turned 34 at that time, my back hurt from sitting in an office chair all day and I had several aches and pains from playing tennis and working out at the gym. The result of all that you can see in this picture: my body weight was 120kg at that time, and I had pretty much given up hope that I could turn things around again.

After I did my first real yoga class in New York City, I was totally hooked because I just felt great, relaxed, and energized at the same time. I continued doing yoga and pretty soon my back pain disappeared, I gained physical strength and felt mentally much more relaxed, present, and connected to myself.

In the meantime, I am an advanced certified yoga teacher, working full-time at several yoga studios in Basel, Switzerland. I have stopped going to gyms, running, and any other sports that I used to do, dedication myself entire to the practice of yoga. What this has done to my physical health you can see in the second picture, which I never had thought possible in the year 2007. I have created this website to help you find the kind of yoga you need to just feel better – physically and mentally.

Start your Yoga journey now

You may have found this page through Google or because someone gave you a gift certificate or a recommendation. Here is how you get started:

  1. Introduction workshop: Sign up for one of our beginners workshops: click here for dates and detailed instructions how to sing up.
  2. Come to our Yoga classes: After the workshop, you will receive a practice plan that suggests which and what kind of classes to take. You find all my classes by clicking here, those which are also suitable for brand-new beginners are marked with “*”.
  3. Practice at home or when traveling using our videos: In addition, after completing the workshop, you can start practicing at home using a series of videos (25-30 minutes long). You can purchase the videos from the website (you will receive a downloadable file that you can put on your computer, iPad or iPhone). Please note that these videos are meant to be a supplement– especially at the beginning, it is important that you practice regularly with a certified teacher so we can tell you how to do the poses correctly and in a way that is suitable for your individual anatomy.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through the website.

Namaste & looking forward to meeting you soon at one of our workshops & classes